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Services Offered

  • Theme Tweaks

    Theme tweaks typically cover  tasks like adding a custom font, minor layout or style edits and fixes.

  • Bug fixes

    Fixes shopify theme responsive issues or javascript/liquid errors

  • Custom Development

    Custom product/page templates, product options, and tasks involving Ajax/Storefront API  

Portfolio #1

Based on, these were tasks involved using Symmetry theme as Base

1. Display variants as swatches and a respective product image gallery.

2. Display Fabric details based on Variants and product rating using meta-fields and javascript

3. Display Collection inside Collections

4. Custom sticky Menu and Multi level Links

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Portfolio #2

Customized Palo Alto theme to match the designs provided. Product video slider, Recipe blog, Animated sidemenu, Responsive fixes were involved. Collaborated over Slack and Trello.

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Portfolio #3

Created Baby & Dog poster customization options using jQuery and Cart.js. Also added the ability to update the product info from cart.

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Portfolio #4

Customized Narrative theme to achieve amazon like product swatches. Also created custom sections to show variants as separate products and custom cart templates.

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Customer Reviews

  • Arturas Dovydaitis

    Delivered superior results in a remarkable timeframe. Lixon is a good problem solver, a great resource. Very pleasant to work with as well.

  • Danny O'Brien

    Lixon is a clear communicator, did all the work requested quickly, and followed up thoroughly to ensure that everything was done correctly.

  • Andie Anquillano

    Thank you for the very quick and qualitative work! So helpful and efficient too. I highly recommend Lixon for any work on Shopify.

  • Jennifer Masten

    Lixon was very easy to work with and responsive  for the detail. Strongly recommended.

  • Jason Robertson

    Lixon is by far one of the best Shopify developers I've ever worked with. He is quick to respond and complete the tasks. 


Hey there, i'm lixon louis. Shopify Partner and Developer based out of Kochi, Kerala.
I love working with people to get the best out of their online store,specializing in strategy, design and development within Shopify.

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